Starting Problem Volvo V70

I have a starting problem with our 2000 V70 Volvo. The problem tends to be worse on hot days or rainy days, but it occurs in all types of weather. When I start the car, the engine turns over and then quickly dies as I give it gas. If I wait for approximately one minute and then start it again, it will start be fine. This problem happens when I start it for the first time in the morning and when I re-start the car after a short or long drive. So, it appears to happen in all starting situations. I have taken the car to our local Volvo dealer at least 4 different times to get this repaired. On each occasion the they “read the codes” and tell us there is a problem with the antenna ring. They have: soldered all the antenna ring connections; replaced some electronic parts related to that device; changed the battery; changed our keys; replaced the fuel injectors; and, a number of other things, all of which have not repaired the problem. Needless to say this has been very costly. Even though the dealer absorbed the cost for the last repair, it still has cost me several thousand dollars with no improvement as the outcome. This problem has been going on for 4 years. The car is in good condition with approximately 100,000 miles. I am willing to pay for additional repairs if it will get rid of this problem, but I am tired for paying for unsuccessful experimentation. Any help would be appreciated.

Intermittent problems are the worst, have you had the fuel filter changed? Short of any conclusive answers why don’t you try a dose of sea foam just for kicks.

Thank you.

Failing Air Flow Meters can cause similar symptoms and not be detected by the ecm…disconnecting the Air Flow Meter electrical connector and starting the engine…if symptoms goes away when connector disconnected,then air flow meter is at fault…