2000 Volvo V-70 Starting issue

Please help. There is a question still on file from Nov. of 2009 titled " 2000 Volvo V-70 intermittent start problems" authored by a Tee Thomas. The question could have been written by me. Same car, year and model and exact same problem. The solutions ranged from issues concerning the the ignition, the ignition key, the antenna ring and different aspects of the fuel system. The discussion was closed with no resolution given. Obviously I would love to know what worked for this person. He or she spent a $1000 on diagnosis before asking the question here. (would like to avoid that part). Shot in the dark, but anyone know how I could get ahold of this person or anyone with the same problem that found a solution? Thanks, Walt 64

Have you checked for spark? If no spark, bad crankshaft position sensors are reportedly common on this car and can cause your symptoms. Have you tried replacing it? It’s not very expensive and easy to replace. You could probably do it yourself for less than the cost of a tow.

The ignition coil(s) would be another suspect if no spark.

Walt, if you can bring-up the 2009 post, just click on the author’s handle. Click on “Tee Thomas” in other words. You can then author a private message to the OP. Next time he/she signs on to Car Talk, they’ll be notified of your private message waiting from them.

Edit: & no harm done to ask the question again now. The experts here will by happy to venture an opinion.

Four years is a long time to remember details. Or anything else, for that matter.
Can you describe exactly what your symptoms are?

The original question by a Tee Thomas will still pop up along with the various possible solutions given. He hasn’t been back to the site since so no luck getting ahold of him. I’m still looking
For help on this. Thanks Walt