Starting issue 2012 Civic

Hey there,
I have a 2012 Honda Civic LX, about 3 months ago I purchased a starter from a junkyard, it’s worked great until a few weeks ago. Randomly, it will not crank, you hear the starter motor whir, nothing else. Usually if you try it again, after a few more attempts, it will start. What could be the issue? Crap starter again?
By the way, I’ve also replaced the spark plugs and starter relay.
Thanks for the help!

Me thinks you answered your own question.


The starter drive is worn.

Do yourself a favor.

Stop buying parts from junkyards unless you absolutely have to.

And buy remanned parts from a parts store.

These come with a one year warranty and are easily returned for a replacement.



Also if there’s a local auto electric shop, they can test and probably fix it.

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Years ago I had starting problems with an old Mercury. The starter on that car engaged teeth on the rim of the flywheel and over time the teeth got broken off. Occasionally the engine would shut off so that the starter lined up with the place with missing teeth and you couldn’t start the car. Something similar could be what’s happening with yours.

Let’s hope not, but that is a possibility.

Thank you for the replies, I thought that same thing, just was looking for other ideas before I have to pull the starter out again, it was worth $15 compared to $150 plus 40 core charge at the time.

I like junkyard parts and I also like local auto electric shops. The two have worked well for me for an alternator. I don’t know if any brand of rebuilt electrical part is top notch, and hear not infrequently of lousy rebuilts. The cost of new OEM is just way more than I want to pay.

Not if you place a reasonable value on your own time.

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There is a reason they were called “JUNK yards” long before they were called “auto recyclers”.

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This typically happens when the starter solenoid gets weak…or the original grease has turned to something more similar to fudge than grease. It usually helps to oil the starter motor gear and shaft with engine oil…it needs to be able to slide on that shaft easily. Any binding and the solenoid will not be able to throw out the gear into the flywheel…and it will just spin helplessly.

Clean and lube the shaft of the starters gear… I should help a lot.

If it does not…its time for a new starter. Hopefully you have a Denso starter (if not you literally do have junk from the yard) Denso’s are OEM and they are fully rebuild-able and the most common issue is burned / eroded copper contacts inside the solenoid…when they wear it can also cause this condition because not enough electricity can flow through the contacts…which affects how forcefully the starter motor will drive.

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Did that on my old Corolla with a Denso starter. It worked like new after replacing the contacts.Got them online along with the plunger for $10.Don’t know if Honda are using Denso starters but since its Japanese I would hope so.

Yep… very common @COROLLAGUY1 . Denso starters can enjoy an extremely long service life just replacing those copper contacts. I bought a kit with contacts enough to do 100 Denso starters… I bought it nearly 10 yrs ago and just used up the last few not long ago. That kit made me a lot of money.

I bet it did! a lot of good car parts are thrown away these days.

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