2003 Honda Civic Cpe - Is it the starter?

Hi, I have a 2003 Honda Civic LX Manual Transmission. How do I know if my starter is shot? It had trouble starting today. I did some errands and each time it seemed like it was having more and more trouble starting. Now its parked at home and when I turn the key it just makes a clicking sound and slowly tries to crank up but seems like it doesn’t have enough power to do so. Do you think it is the starter?

First, fully charge the battery. Then
Clean both ends of both battery cables. Then clean all stater terminals with battery unhooked. Then if your driving, bring it to a parts store that checks battery and alternator for free. If your not driving, bring fully charged battery in and have it checked. If you do all this and everything checks out good there’s a good chance you have a bad starter.

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I got a new battery like three months ago so I am certain its good! And when I got it they checked the alternator and it was totally fine. But thanks for the suggestions!

Remove the starter and bench test it.Just hook up the starter with jumper cables to a known good battery.If starter spins,the starter is good.If it spins slowly or not at all,the starter copper contacts are worned and need replacing.On some starters,you open the solonoid case and remove the old contacts and replace them by new ones…a 10 minute job.Contacts are available through E-Bay for under $20.

NO! The torque from the stater will send it flying. It needs to be properly secured for testing. Parts stores usually have the proper equipment for this.

Sounds like the battery is discharged. Recharge the battery and test the charging system.

Holy smokes! There is such a thing as a starter bench press!




I meant “bench test it”.

I meant “bench test it”

I meant “bench test it”

I knew that was what you meant. My warning still stands.

If the starter is the original one you are most likely having a problem with worn solenoid contacts. They wear out over time and can usually be replaced but it may be just better to replace the whole starter if that is the case. It is also possible you may have internal wire corrosion at the battery clamps. Acid can leach into the wire and damage them.