Won't start unless sitting for a few hours

My 2002 honda civic won’t start (no crank, no clicking, nothing) after I stop for groceries and such. However, it starts up fine every morning when I drive to work, and starts up in the evening when I drive back home. But if I stop en-route for something, it won’t start. When it stops, jump starting doesn’t help either. Please advise! Thanks.

A bad starter can do that.It can work erratically for a while until it fails for good.Worned solonoid contacts are the cause. If you are handy, you can replace those yourself at a fraction of the price of a new starter.

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I have never warned anyone about worn contacts on starter before.

Thanks for the responses. Interestingly, when I cleaned the battery connections with a wire brush and replaced them, it stated. However, when I turned it off, it’s the same again - won’t start (no crank or clicking). The idle battery voltage is reading at 12.2 - 12.3V. Not sure if my battery could be the culprit here.

You might need to consider a failing ignition switch, faulty neutral safety switch (automatic transmission), or a faulty clutch safety switch (manual transmission).

If it’s an automatic shift into neutral and see what happens.

Honda has a Recall for failing ignition switches on cars of this era but I do not think yours is covered. However, just because a car is not covered by the Recall does not mean that it does not suffer the same problem. Failed Honda switch problems have been around a long time.
Switch meaning the electrical part; not the key and tumbler.

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Thank you all.
@COROLLAGUY1 advise was particularly helpful. I unplugged the starter trigger connection (thin wire) and plugged it back in, and that resolved the problem for now. I also removed and tested the starter, but the starter tests good. I am still not sure how to tell if my starter is failing, or if it was just a loose trigger connection.

This video will show you how to properly test the starter.

That starter test on the ground is not fully accurate. It can tell you if it rotates or not without a load applied but says nothing about starter current draw, worn brushes and bushings, and whether or not the armature is making contact with the field coils and then.
Apply an engine load and it may not rotate at all; either fully or intermittently.

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@COROLLAGUY1: Thanks for the video link. That’s basically how I tested it.

@ok4450 : Do you have a suggestion on how to properly / accurately test the starter?