Honda Civic 2009 Starter not working

I haven’t used my car for a month. And just couple of days back I tried to start my car it did not start the first time I tried .( Also the weather was very cold (20 F degrees).

But after 2nd try car started and I drove for about 20 miles, later that day I tried to start my car again but it won’t start not even tick tick sound or cranking sound.

Tried jump starting it but no luck there as well. Finally had to tow the car to nearest repair shop after diagnosis the mechanic said car starter is bad and had to be replaced.

My car has 70K miles on it, My question is why did my car starter failed ? is it because I did not use it for a month ?

Starter failed because things break. The starter has no idea of time so that was not a factor.

I think the timing made me to look into that angle. (not using a car for a month + cold weather)

It’s possibly related to not using the car frequently enough. Cranking the engine when the battery is not fully charged causes increased current in the starter windings, which could cause damage. Also there’s electrical connections internal to the starter that could oxidize when the car sits. Usually those would fix themselves after starting the car a few times but not always. It’s not unusual at all for a starter to need to be replaced in a 9 year old vehicle. I’ve replaced or repaired the starter motor in my 25 year old Corolla 4 or 5 times over the years.

Go with the new starter and make sure your battery is in top shape. You will love the way she starts up.

Have you considered replacing that Corolla with a BMW or Mercedes? The number of repairs that you have mentioned over the years seems abnormally high for an average car.

No, never considered replacing the Corolla w/either of those brands. Given the Corolla is a 25 year old car, and a daily driver, the starter exercised around 6 times a day 7 days a week, it’s pretty dependable. Problems with the design of Toyota’s gear reduction starter motor have been mentioned several times by Ray on the show. I expect that’s the root of the problem. Even tho an admittedly weak link, repairing or replacing the starter motor every 5 years or so isn’t that much of a burden. And I do enjoy spending the money I’d otherwise be contributing to BMW or Mercedes on activities that are much more enjoyable. And what about the reported unreliability of BMW’s plastic parts in their water pump?

Tongue-in-cheek, George. But really if you need to perform frequent repairs why not drive something more enjoyable than a '92 Corolla?

About 5 years ago I replaced the original starter in my 1996 Stratus with a used one from the salvage yard. Chrysler also uses Denso starters, repairs every 5 years is unusual.

Do these manufacturers charge an annual membership fee? I suppose working on your car is a more enjoyable activity than driving it.

Not sure about that, but taking my gf out for a fancy dining place on the savings was definitely more enjoyable than spending the loot on a new car payment.