Starting a 99 malibu

My 100.000 + mile 99 malibu has lately been giving me hard time starting. bought it used 2 years ago, went thru the anti-freeze intake fun and now I never know if the car will start or not. It has that anti theft gizmo, when that lite stayed on I had a new key made, solved that problem, since then twice now have had start problem, so far has started after letting it sit for 20-25 minutes. Then am only 20 minutes late fer work, what’s going on?

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We have been discussing very similar problems involving GM cars with PassLock security systems. We have discussed a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am and 2001 & 2005 Chevrolet Impalas.

Please see: Sometimes Car Won’t Start, a current post, or click the link below:

I would like to know if this sounds familiar.

All GM Dealers are capable of diagnosing and repairing GM security systems.
It takes equipment,training,and money to solve these problems.No mystery involved.
You could put your car in the hands of a independant,some of the latest scanners have security system diagnostic capabilities.
You must have a good understanding of system theory of operation,wait that’s true with all systems.


I have heard from several people who have had this problem and have gone to Dealers and independents who could not diagnosis the problem accurately. The link below is to a recent post involving having a PassLock security system Chevy towed to a dealer and the dealer could not help. That’s what this is all about.

My Chevy has a mind of its own

Following up on my 1st question on my 99 Malibu’s starting problem, yesterday I took it into a GM dealer and they ran computer tests for 3 + hours and found NO problems. The mechanic thought it maybe a fuel pump problem, as the anti-theft system showed no problems. Fuel pump could cost over 500 to replace I took it back home, and it has started ok every time so far. Now that winter is on its way, it will be real fun in the snow and cold wondering if it will start and when.

Thanks for the follow-up!
Does this car crank like it’s trying to start, during one of the “no start” episodes, or is there no activity, no cranking, no “click”, nothing except dash lights on like normal?

yes, it sounds like a normal start, but it just doesnt start.