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No start problem

ok have a 2001 impala love it but there is times it will not start wait 15-20 and than it will start. no nothing about cars so lets see they told me a new switch so i did, than told me a new bcm so i did, than said the new switch was bad so put another one in. well all that and still have the same problem. someone told me it was in the passlock system to put in a resistor to bypass the system. well can’t find anyone that can do that friend tried and put in a resistor and guess what it would not start at all so he took it out and put the wires back together. at least it starts now when it wants to. now they are telling me that it is my starter so do i do that repair now also and take the chance it will fix the problem. the problem is i can not do these jobs so on top of paying for the part am being ripped for the labor also. do not mind paying the labor just hate to keep paying for the stuff and it still is not fix just doing the same thing it did before. any suggestions anyone should i do the starter now also???

Waldo, Try One More Thing.

Next Time It Won’t Start Push The Gear Selector Toward “Park” Or Unlock the Ignition, Put Your Foot On The Brake And Cycle It Out Of “Park” and Back Into It. Then try starting.


have tried that also this is a problem that has been going on for the last 1 1/2 it is just getting worst. first started once maybe every two or three months well now it is doing it everyday. someone told me it was my passlock that is why they said to do the reistor thing but not sure is my friend just doesn’t know what the oms?? but just cant’t get that to work that is why they are telling me now it is the starter (brush worn???)

Have You Tried A Different Key?

One suggestion for this problem is to try a newer key, like a spare that has been stashed away and hardly used. It has also been suggested to have a key “cut from code” and not just a copy of an existing key. The switch is supposed to have tiny little sensors that are triggered by the ignition key and I’ve been told that in some cases a worn key can be a problem.


We’ve Discussed These Pass Lock Security Starting Problems Here Many Times.

I was searching for one long discussion we had so I could see what other remedies were suggested. I couldn’t find it yet. I think I recall a suggestion that offered an alternative to waiting 10 minutes before the security system would let you try starting again (It thinks somebody is trying to steal the car). It was suggested to hold the key to “Start” and keep it there for 10 or 15 seconds, something like that, and that it will eventually begin to crank. Maybe you can prove or disprove that one.


well i have tried that someone also told me about that one and no luck. so far the only thing people have told me that works is the resistor thing where you go in an cut a wire and put in a resistor. well i had a friend try that and it did not start at all i guess to be able to try that one i need someone that knows about cars to be able to do that. someone also said it might have to do with the car remote starter that i had taken off because i was having that problem thought maybe that was the problem. but must not have been because it is still doing it. i just need to find someone that has had this problem and really knows how to fix it and if they are close to michigan i would be willing to take it to them.

You Had Somebody Messing With Wires Installing And Uninstalling Remote Start? Yikes!
You withheld information.


sorry was hoping they knew what they were doing it was a company that puts starters in. so thought they would know what they were doing. when it did not make a difference when it came off just thought it could not have been that. should i have someone else look at it. sorry i just figured if they do that they knew what they were doing.

Question, when the car won’t start. What happens when you turn the key to engage the starter motor? Does the starter crank the car over, but the car won’t start? Or, does nothing happen meaning the starting motor will not even crank over the engine?

If the starter motor cranks every time you turn the key, then I see no reason to change the starting motor. The “immobilizer” anti-theft system does not affect the starting motor. It cuts off the power to the ignition system and/or the fuel delivery system. This means the starter should crank the car, but the car won’t start.

If the starter is erratic, then it could be a bad starting motor, or a bad solinoid, or a bad ignition switch. These issues should be easy to figure out, therefore I suspect the immobilizer system is the culprit here.

If the problem is with the “anti-theft” immobilizer system then a circut in the control unit has gone bad or the chip in the key has gone bad. The tip about using another key, if you have one available, can tell you if the problem is in the key. The best way to fix this is a GM dealer with a good electonics man, or a car electronic speciality repair shop.

I Think This Car Has “Pass Lock” Security. “Pass Key” Security Has The Key Chip, I Believe.

You are correct. We need to be sure that the car is failing to crank. That is what the vast majority of starting problems has been with these “Pass Lock” systems.


I agree with Uncle Turbo, the only symptom you have given is: the engine intermittently doesn’t start.

  1. When the engine doesn’t start, does it crank, and crank at a normal rate?
  2. Have you checked for spark when it doesn’t start?
  3. Have you checked for fuel (injected into the engine) when it doesn’t start?
  4. Have you checked fuel pressure when it doesn’t start?
  5. Have you sprayed fuel into the intake when it doesn’t start?
  6. Have you attempted the "clear flooded engine procedure"by hold the gas pedal to the floor while cranking?
  7. Engine cold or hot when it doesn’t start?

Automotive Alarm and Security System shop specialists can check,disable that system. Check your Yellow Pages Telephone Directory.

first: uncle turbo
when i put the key in to start the car i get nothing everything on the car will work car just will not turn over. have had a new switch put in did not help. the key does not have a chip and have tried to use both keys nothing. an sorry what is the immobilizer???
second: common sense answer
no the key has no chip!!!
third: hellowkit
no the engine will not crank i get nothing
know nothing about cars do not know how to answer your queations2,3,4,5,6!!
it makes no difference hot or cold. i can get into the car will start up go to the school pick up grandkids come out and it might not start. sometimes it will set all night will get in it to go to work and it will not start.
will look into the secutity system shop to see if i have one in lansing michigan.

The security system is very involved. It’s too difficult for the average electrician, untrained in these systems, to wire around the difficult areas. Here are seven (7) wiring diagrams showing the PATS security system:

For a 2001 this would be a PassLock2 system.No chip in key (in module around ignition switch)When activated car will crank and start but die after 10 seconds.

Unless I have it all wrong.

I checked out a FSM description of PassLock2. As I suspected PassLock2 does not inhibit cranking,the car still cranks but “the engine may start but quickly stall”. Anyone that is connecting a cranking problem with a PassLock2 system is not connecting the dots correctly.

Since the ignition switch is both part of the PassLock2 system and the cranking system I could understand the basis of the incorrect linkage. Starter inhibit is not part of the PassLock2 design.

The trouble shooting chart for a no crank PassLock2 equipped vehicle takes you right to standard starting system checkouts.

ok when i bring up this web site it is auto zone is this correct or do i need to bring up something else. do not know how to get to the diagrams.

so shoulad i just go to the store and pick up a diagram???

No. Forget the wiring diagrams. They can’t help you. If you want to see the wiring diagrams at, you need to register there, first. Then, come back to the link and click on it. It will then take you to the wiring diagrams. At least, you let us know that you weren’t taken directly to the particular page. Most people don’t try, or don’t tell us. Pity.
You need a mechanic to check out the START system, and, for now, ignore the PATS system.

that is one of my problems my machanic is telling me he can not help me with the start problem any more to call a dealer and when i do that they tell me that they can not do anything until the car stops and WILL NOT START!!! my problem is twice now it has not started and i have called them and by the time they get there it starts back up so they will not do anything. i just really need someone who will look at it and find out why it will not start so i can fix the problem. but right now everyone just keeps putting parts in it that they say it needs and it still does not fix the problem. that is why i said before now they want to put a new starter in it!!!

I hope you read this soon!! I have a 2003 pontiac grand am 112,000 miles. It will start in the morning but as the day gets warm harder to start. Yesterday (6-28) in the noon time would not start at all. Rephrase-everything came on, motor cranks, no start.
Put in new spark plugs. Boyfriend suspects feul pump. Help me, please