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1984ford f150 5.8 starter keeps draging…I put 3 starters on this tk and they all drag… got one starter from oralley and one from pep boys and one from pull a part…how can i fix

One possible problem could be the gears are meshing too tight. Get some shims and space the starter out a bit. That may solve your problem. Also your battery could be on its way out and not putting out enough cranking amps.

Please define your starters’ dragging.

Do you mean it engages with the flywheel, turns the engine over and after the engine starts the starter does NOT release?
You said you put 3 different starters on and they ALL did the same thing.

Perhaps the starter needs a shim or more so it will disengage from the flywheel teeth.

Assuming of course the battery and cables and connections are in good condition!