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Starting problem

I have an 89 F-150 that goes through starters & cilynoids. The engine is a 351W rebuilt in 2003 by previous owner. I bought it in 2005 and have had 3 shops look at it and all have replaced starter/cilynoid. The problem starts like this, when it has been driven to a warm temp then shut off and turned back on it acts like a dead battery and wont start. Ley it cool starts right up. This along with the starter sticking on does not happen all the time. The last shop went through 2 cilynoids in 30mins and are baffled. I have replaced the ignition module and am looking at replace the ignition switch. Looking for other suggestions.

Thankyou for your time and attention concerning this matter.


Is the starter being shimmed correctly so as to allow the starter gear to engage and disengage with the flywheel?

The last shop thought of that one. This truck is not a daily driver I used it for pushing snow in MN. It is getting tiresome dealing with this problem because I cannot sell it for decent price with this mystery problem. In the last year The shops and I have replace the cilynoid 6-8 times and since 2006 it has gone through 4 starters and the problem seems to go away but comes back and comes back.

Try adding a heat shield between the starter and the exhaust pipe. The problem is probably heat saturation. They make an insulated blanket that the starter can be wrapped with. Otherwise, a simple metal shield spaced between the exhaust and the starter may fix this.

Starter Blankets: