Starter for Ford F150

1999 Ford F150 4.2 liter V6

Having a starter problem when you crack up the vehicle starter continues to run and will not disengage. I have changed the started the solenoid switch and the ignition switch and the problem continue to happen and I have burned out three starters. The Ford dealership clams to have no idea that I must have an electrical problem.

PS–1st started the wires did touch and when I connected the battery the starter would start on it?s on, that problem was solved but could it have caused any other electrical problem.

Some of these have a second starter solenoid (relay) mounted on the inner fender…Newer models have the battery connected directly to the starter and the “start” wire engages the solenoid/Bendix drive which is part of the starter. I would remove the starter from the truck leaving the wires connected. Then have someone engage the starter with the ignition switch while you watch the action of the starter. You will have to ground the starter with a jumper cable before it will work. Hold it securly because it will jump around when engaged…See if it will “hang” when it is not bolted in place…

I guess the first thing to check is with a volt meter (or test lite) check and see if the starter is getting 12 volts to the selenoid when you turn the key (with the power wire of the starter disconnected). Then does the 12 volts go away when you release the key. If so, your problem is related to the starter. If the 12 volts stays to the selenoid with the key released, your problem is related to the starter switch or relay. This should be a pretty easy one to figure out.

I would check or replace the starter motor relay. Check the wires to its circuity…