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Starter Trouble?

My 1997 Chevy pick-up [350 4x4] would not start the other day. It would not take a jump either. Had it towed home, charged the battery, had the battery checked by the shop, checked good. Installed the battery, tried to start. Same thing. It would not do anything. With the key on, all lights on dash board lit, jumped across the posts on starter with screwdriver. Would not start. Sounded like a grinding noise to me. Took the starter off, had it checked at the auto parts store, twice. It checked good. Shouldn’t the truck have started if the starter was good and I had the key on while crossing across the posts with a large screwdriver? What do you folks think?

Check the starter cable (the big one from the battery) for corrosion at both ends. I had a Chrysler car do this to me, and it turns out the starter cable ran to a lug connection, then to the battery. Corrosion at the lug connection prevented the starter from working right.

Then check to make sure the cable can carry current. Gotta check it all.

Thanks Busted Knucles [i like that] I’ll check out the wiring and them some and give it another try. And come to think of it when i was first trying to short across the posts on the starter, I though i had seen an arc off the back of the starter. ???