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Starter Problems

My 86 Chevette wont start? Would it be cause of the cold? Or would it be starter problems?

What happens when you try to start your Chevette? Is the battery turning the engine over? If so, you have a probem with the igniton system or with the fuel system. If the battery isn’t turning the engine, then either the battery has a problem, the power from the battery isn’t getting to the starter motor, or the starter motor is defective.

If the engine turns over too slowly to start, the oil viscosity may be too high. You need to give us a few more details.

Could the trouble be because of the cold? Yes, partially at least.
Could the trouble be due to a bad starter? Yes, but it could be a number of other things also. We need more spacific information about the trouble to help you. Like; does the starter even try to run when you turn the key to START? If not, do the headlights work?

How about a lot more information.

What exactly happens when you try to start it? Any sounds? Does the starter rotate the engine? Do any lights light up? Is there a click? Does the key turn? How cold is cold? How old is the battery? When was the last time it started? Any prior history of a problem? Any other information would be helpful?

The battery in the car is brand new, has a new ignition switch. One I turn the car over all it does is click. So I am going to try to work on it and check out the starter.