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77 Chevy Scottsdale PU

Starter problem: no power to starter but power everywhere else

Nice ride.

Any recent service or repair work done involving the starter area?

How old is this battery? If 5 years or more, I suggest replacing it. Always buy a good quality battery with a high ‘cold cranking’ rate, especially if you live in a cold winter climate area.

Engine cranking uses about 70% or more of the battery"s cranking capacity.

Cold weather has even more drain on it.

Things like radios and lights use very little power from the battery.

If the starter is to activate and turn the engine over, a full 12V must be delivered from the battery to the solenoid on the starter.

I apologize in advance if I sound condescending, but I don’t know the extent of your mechanical knowledge.

First ensure the battery has a full charge (12.6V).

Ensure the battery cables do not have any damage to them and are clean and connected to the battery and the starter (wrench) tight. The positive battery cable, (if so equipped) may have a burned out fusible link in it. This is a battery protector.

Ensure all ground wire connections are clean and tight (including the ground between the engine block and the chassis).

There is a shortcut you could use to eliminate a possible bad battery cable. Use a battery booster jumper cable between the battery and the starter.

You can also bypass the battery and its cables by using a jumper from a booster battery to the starter.

Sometimes, tapping a wrench or heavy screwdriver handle on the solenoid and/or starter may work.

You don’t give any indication as to what led up to this starter failure.

Has there been any previous jamming starter episodes? Like the starter sticking in the flywheel?

That’s about all I can suggest until we see more information.

Try removing both battery terminals, and on the positive terminal peel back the red rubber cover from over the connections underneath to see if corrosion is causing a voltage drop.


Right away, I would say to replace the negative battery cable. The same for the ignition switch. Those two things can cause the problem, but starters get old too. You should check the negative battery cable to make sure the little wire is still connected to it and isn’t broken. If the negative cable insulation is cracked or the cable damaged in any way, it should be replaced anyway. Any shop will get the truck running right away.

ok,last night i went to start it and it made an effort.I thought it started and let off the made a metal grindingt noise and that was it.on further inspection I lost one of the starter mounting bolts. cleaned both sides of the cables but not after my freind failed to disconect the battery in time wowweee.ive been wondering about the cables Ive have weird starting when the engine gets warmed up. it would click,nothing.reengauge switch click,nothing.repeat vroom!!now no click,no nothing from the starter or the clicking of the cyl…

Remove the starter and have it tested…