Starter on 1998 ford ranger! Help!

So I replaced the starter on my girlfriends 98 ranger with the 3.0 v6 motor . After replaced and all connected the starter is just making a clicking sound as it was before I replaced the starter ! Anyone have any clue as to why it would do this ?

While it’s possible to have two bad starters in a row it’s more likely the starter wasn’t the problem. What you’re describing could be a weak battery or loose/corroded cables. Make sure the cables are clean, secure, and in good condition. If it still won’t start try a jump and see what happens.

Sure, the starter was clearly not the problem.

Test battery voltage at the starter and at the battery. Check the ground connections from the battery to the starter post back with what you find.

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Thank you so much ! After testing all the different wires I found a short in the battery wire to the starter ! Changed the wire and the problem was fixed ! Again thank you very much and God bless!


Glad to hear you got it fixed. I hope your girlfriend appreciates your hard work. :wink: