Starter Disable


The starter disable feature may be activated on my 1998 Saturn. Does anyone know how to disarm it? I have the original keys and keypad.


If it is, the security light should be steadilly illuminated on the dash. Is it?>


I will look. Where might this light be?


No lights are on. I just checked the manual, and there are not any “Security” lights that are mentioned.


The reason I think this is that the battery is fairly new. The car had just started. I turned it off quickly to run inside. When I came back out to turn it on again, the key turned, all the lights, air, etc… came on but no response from the motor at all. We have a remote key pad. I have read that there is a starter disable system in the Security system. But, it doesn’t say how to override it if it is tripped somehow.


On my 1996 Saturn there was a way to disable the ignition kill by unlocking and locking the driver door two or three times in a row with the key - call Saturn and ask one of their technicians about this. Your remotes may need to be re-synched with the computer, which they can also provide instructions for doing, or charge you to do it themselves.


Thanks! We will try this. I’ll let you know. Right now we are following the directions in the manual for “resynching”.


That’s annoying. No telltale lamp for the diasbler.

Well it sounds like you got the suggestion you needed. Good luck!