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Start and Stop manual transmission leak

A few months ago I parked my 5 speed manual transmission 2001 Dodge Dakota 3.9 V6 up a hill. I came out and noticed that a teaspoon of manual transmission fluid dripped out between the block and bell housing. Yesterday I parked the same way only to come out and find that the fluid had once again dripped. I have watched the area after both instances and the leaking has stopped. What could cause this leak to happen and then stop? I did put the parking brake on but there could be load on the transmission while the truck was on the hill. Also it could be clutch fluid as the dripping came from the block to bell housing joint but it was thick and smelled like tranny fluid.

Have you checked the fluid level? I ask because if the plug you check it with is loose (and/or stripped) that would be a leak point that would be very dependent on what angle you’re parked at. It wouldn’t quite jive with the leak being at the bell-housing, but maybe it would if the check plug is somewhere that it might leak that direction.