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Manual Transmission

I noticed a humming like noise when my transmission is engaged. I looked under the truck and saw a wet spot on the transmission(leaking)It is a manual transmission 5 speed Dodge Dakota 2001. Anyone have any ideas on whats wrong?

First of all, have the oil level in the transmission checked asap. You don’t want to be running this transmission if it is low on fluid. If the level is low, have it filled up with the correct fluid. Hopefully, the humming will abate. Post back if the humming remains.

If the level was low, have the mechanic inspect the leaking spot to see where the leakage is coming from. There are a few seals that are accessable without removing the transmission. If it appears that the transmission has to be removed to fix the leak, consider the time and mileage on the clutch and decide if you want to have the clutch renewed at the same time.

Good luck on this.

Just one added point: if you decide to check it yourself (it’s easy if you’re comfortable under the truck), I’d suggest that you get a good 6-point box end wrench of the proper size. Some of these bung plugs are large (like 26 mm large) and shallow, and the hex can round out of you don’t have a good proper sized wrench. It’s hard to get a “bite” on them. And don’t overtighten the plug after…it only needs to be snugged up, and a wrench size can easily allow overtorquing.