Transmission fluid leak

1996 Chevy Tahoe leaks transmission fluid only while parked up a steep hill. What could be the cause?



Check and see if the leak is near the rear of the transmission. If so, the extension housing seal (commonly called a tail housing seal) is probably at fault. The housing bushing should also be inspected to verify that the driveshaft yoke does not have a excessively loose fit in the bushing.

If pointed up hill, I would suspect the rear seal. This is normally not opposing any fluid when level.

Either the tailshaft seal/bushing assy or the dipstick tube…


Looked again after cleaning the area yesterday. The transmission fluid makes it way to the U-Joint where it drips down after sitting on the steep driveway for the night. There is no evidence of leaking on the outside of the drive shaft or its rear seal to the U-joint. Can the fluid migrate inside of the drive shaft to the U-joints due to an internal seal leak of some kind? Thanks for the responses.

Has this transmission been rebuilt? Try tightening all the exterior bolts that you can reach that restrain gaskets. Otherwise someone posted a way to find leads recently. Check other posts.