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Pumping fuel

I own a 2010 ford fusion, with a no cap fuel filling system. My son ran it out of gas. While he was trying to add some he could not get it to take because of the internal seal not releasing, it just spilled out the overflow. Ever since then , at the gas station when fueling,the pump will shut off every couple of seconds. I don’t know if running out of gas caused this,but i would like to know how to fix it.

The cap less system has internal seals. The insertion of the gas nozzle moves the seals out of the way and they seat and seal when the nozzle is removed. Fiddling with the gas coming from a gas can has done something to the system in the filler neck. Is it a permanent damage or not is hard to guess. If you try a couple of different gas pumps and still no luck - you might need to make a trip to a Ford dealer.

+1 for Uncle Turbo. You might want to buy a long neck funnel and keep it in your vehicle in case this happens again. It will be a lot cheaper than a repair bill for the capless fuel system.