Aftermarket Gas Cap

Some times it pays to go OEM…Brand new Stant fuel cap for same Highlander I mentioned earlier…threw EVAP leak code and cap would get tight as heck between fuelings. Put on new OEM Toyota cap, all is well. Kind of the pits!!

Stant supplies Toyota with their gas caps, coolant pressure caps, and thermostats.


That’s amazing…must be to a different spec or something…mechanism felt completely different…Compare these two pictures:



I wasn’t real impressed.

What do you think is cheaper for Stant and Toyota?

Make different components? Or make one component that works?


I’m guessing Stant covers a lot of aftermarket stuff with as few part numbers as possible, they probably make, under contract to spec, stuff for Toyota and other OEMs. Clearly they are different parts.

Stant can’t compete in the aftermarket manufacturing parts to Toyota’s specifications. There is a Stant fuel cap on Rock Auto for $2.50, should we believe that is an OEM equivalent?

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