Vehicle Stalling Out


Truck contiually stalls upon stop, what could possibly be the problem??? (After you’ve had general maintenance work done.)


More info would be helpful. However one thing it might be is the transmission torque converter solenoid.
Sympoms of it are when the car is hot and driving at 35mph or more, you come to a stop and the the car shudders and dies. You can turn it off and immediately restart it, and it will run fine until you get above 35 then come to a stop.


Doesn’t run hot. It does immediately start back up. No warning at all before it cuts off. Dealership installed a PMC and that didn’t help. Truck has been back to service at least 3-4 times and they cannot/have not determined what the problem is.


This is a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad. Really need some help solving this problem. The dealership seems to be lost as to what’s going on. We’ve told them to keep it until they find the problem. If they can’t find the problem, who can???


I sincerely hope they didn’t charge you for the new PCM.

What kind of maintenance work was done? Has the IAC (idle air controller) been cleaned?

Coffee Man wasn’t referring to overheating, just that the engine and transmission are fully warmed up. You can test his hypothesis by manually shifting into 1st gear, taking off, then coming to a stop. If it doesn’t stall then, a sticking torque converter lockup solenoid is very likely.


This time, HOT is used to mean NORMALLY HEATED; not, overly hot.
If the truck is out of warranty, take it to a transmission repair shop. The symptom is of the lock-up torque converter not releasing inside the transmission. The transmission computer controls that. At least, the computer gives the command. If the parts don’t listen, they need to be repaired.


No charge for the PCM, under warranty. Never heard them mention anything about the IAC. They’re now talking about a carburator issue. Going to replace that, will know more when my husband gets home. They have to send for the part. Thank you for input. I’ll check and see if they mentioned IAC. To me they’re just grasping at straws. For mechanics at a “4 star” dealership they don’t fit the bill.


This truck has multiport fuel injection, not a carburetor.


Regarding maintenance work done: tune-up (replaced spark plugs), fuel injection system tune-up, and oil change.


Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Calling my husband now to see exactly what they said to him. Thank you. I’ll let you know what he says.


Should I have to mention this to the service technicians??? Shouldn’t they realize this??? All this time, seem like they could figure that out.


No, not carburetor. Husband said they were trying to get him to understand by giving him basics, similarities. They did mention fuel injection.


This would be a computer code issue on the trans computer. Normally dealer machines would scan this but it doesn’t hurt to point it out. In spite of the price they charge they often hire young kids from trade school and don’t watch over them well.


They are probably contemplating replacing the throttle body.

It sounds like they are just shotgunning parts at the problem, hoping something fixes the problem. As long as they are doing it under warranty, I guess that’s okay (except for your loss of the use of the truck), but it doesn’t speak highly of their ability to do diagnostics.


Hmmmmmmmm, in looking over our work order, we also had Throttle Body Svc. done, it shows Fuel INJ CLNR and CLEAN THROTTLE BODY.


What they are talking about doing now is not under warranty. This will cost us almost $400.


Replaced throttle body and it still stalls out. I paid $351, for what. This was not under warranty. They said they drove the truck about 50 miles and it didn’t stall. I drove the truck from the dealership to the house (approx. 5 miles) and it stalled out twice before I even got home. Stalled out while idling in the driveway while my husband was calling them back on the phone.


Does it stall only when your foot is on the brake? I’ve seen three cases of brake booster failures where the booster develops a leak only when your pressing the brake pedal. Usually, you can hear a hissing sound under the dash when the pedal is pressed.


I’ll have to check on that, but it was idling in the driveway and my husband was behind the wheel. I think he had it in park though, so that might eliminate only when foot is on the brake.