98 Dodge Grand Carvan Sport 3.3L the engine keeps stalling


I have a 98 Dodge Grand Carvan Sport 3.3L the engine stalls in stop and go driving. As soon as you take your foot off the gas pedal, the engine rpm drops to below 600 and it stalls. What could cause this we replace the MAPS Sensor and it still stalls.


Is the check engine light on? If so have you gotten the codes read. Most likely cause is a clogged Idle Air Control. This can be cleaned with Air intake cleaner once its removed from the intake.


Nope there is no check engine light on?
I read that it could be the Auto Idle Senser?


I had an older minivan with the same symptoms (3.8L engine). The idle speed control valve was dirty. if you are reasonably handy around cars, you can remove it from the throttle body and clean it yourself.


allpar.com is a good place to post this question. I have found lots of good advice there for my 1999 Voyager with the 3.3 engine.


Can I still drive the van is it safe to ride the gas and break while stopping? or will this danage the van worse? until I take it in next Wednesday?


If you ride the gas while stoped do it only while in neutral. do not do it on drive. When you are ready to go just put it in drive. Also do not ride the gas peddle more then 1000 rpm. Transsmition damage is likely with rpm above 1000 rpm and engaging in to drive.