Stalling out when letting off the gas pedal

no codes showing up but my dodge is stalling out on me when i come to a stop sign or red light. when i first start it up and go somewhere it is fine but once the truck warms up it starts doing this. Have put it on a computer and nothing shows up. It has a v8, the smaller one.

The problem might be in the idle air control circuit. Most likely with the Idle Air Control valve.

The IAC valve is what allows the engine to idle under all conditions. Sometimes the IAC valve becomes sensitive to heat to where it fails to move to the proper position for the idle condition. When this happens no air enters the engine and the engine stalls.

One way to check for this is, the next time you feel the engine is about to stall, with your left foot firmly on the brake pedal, slightly tip into the throttle. If this prevents the engine from stalling, most likey the problem is with a defective IAC valve.


Thank you sir. I was already driving with two feet because of the stalling out and it was doing what you said. So, i went and bought a new IAC valve today, installed it and it worked. I really want to thank you. I and some friends thought it was the fuel filter which you probably know is located in the fuel pump assembly in the gas tank. Would of been really expensive and knowing what i know now would have been a waste of time and money. Thank you again for your insight into my problem and may God bless you.

Good job! This is a common problem for many here.