My 98 Dodge Grand Caravan sport stalls and we replaced the 02 sensor and fuel filter and had a complete tune up and it is still stalling . when you take your foot off the gas the RPM’s will flutter then drop below 500 and stall the car will start back up right away with no problems can anyone help me on this I am at the end of my ropes with this van that I want to drive it off the Golden Gate Bridge.

I have No warning lights on …

Sounds like you need an Idle Air Control (IAC).

Swap the ASD relay with the horn relay. Why? It can’t hurt; it might help.

[b]From how you describe the problem, it sounds like the Idle Air Control motor is malfunctioning. The IAC motor controls the engine idle speed under all conditions when the accelerator is released.

One way to determine if this is an idle air control circuit problem is, when the engine is just about to stall, slightly step on the accelerator. If doing this prevents the engine from stalling, suspect the IAC motor as being the problem.


Agreed. Sounds like the Idle Air valve.

Thank You So much