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Idle Issue - Stalling at stop

I have a 2004 Dodge Ram - when coming to a stoplight or stop in traffic after a coldstart (first time of the day)it will idle down and stall; you throw it into neutral start it and go on - its fine. Out on the interstate its fine. I have had it to the mechanic and left it for a week for them to run diagnostics and software updates from Chrysler; a sensor was replaced for the idle control - there’s 2 sensors one that watched the gas pedal - thats the sensor they thought was the issue but after doing so they were still detecting issues; the idle control throttle had been cleaned; had an EGR valve replaced last Feb. - the mechanic/shop owner dug deeper into forums and websites found something about the fuel solenoid if it is constantly covered (full tank) it doesn’t have the chance to evaporate - it stays saturated and he advised me since I said when it gets to 1/2 tank i fill it - he said to let it get to 1/4 and not fill it over 3/4 for a couple cycles; he also replaced my battery as tests were showing it was not holding a charge. I’ve noticed that when I’m coming to a stop and it seems maybe its not going to stall (but does) right before as its rough idle/dropping idle - my dash lights dim and then… it stalls. As long as I come up to the stop - coasting in neutral I am fine.

Has the computer(s) been flashed to see if they (it) is faulty?

Next time coming to a stop sign,(if safe to do so) instead of putting the gear selector in neutral, leave it in gear and using your left foot to brake FIRMLY, keep a little throttle on.

Let us know what happens.

Fuel selenoid is saturated and needs the chance to “evaporate”??? Boy, that’s a new one on me. I guess that’s what’s nice about these forums, you learn stuff all the time (sarcastical laugh). If the IAC was cleaned, and the problem didn’t go away, my next move would be to change the IAC. But, that’s just me…

this should be interesting but yes, I will and I’ll get back to you on this - i believe the computer has been flashed - thats a definite yes, one of the first things he did while I was still waiting the first day.

Thanks for this input - I will let you know

I have the same issue with my '02 Ram 1500 Sport. When I start it in very cold weather, it revs up and down between 500 and 1000 RPM for a minute then levels out. Lights and heat fluctuate in unison with it. It’s only stalled a couple times. Once I get a block up the street, it’s fine.

I appreciate the forum and any additional tips on this.

i’ve had my Ram for 5 yrs going on 6 and love it - get lot of compliments as i have a lot of extras on it etc… but anyways, have not done any major servicing on it for the first 5 yrs - other than the regular 3,000 mile oil change and 6-8,000 mile tire rotation so I have the same tires still on and they’re still doing good. Over the last year starting in Jan. I’ve had to have the power steering cooling hoses replaced, EGR Valve, of course brake pad work, then the big one… rear differential replaced to the tune of $2500, did the transmission service (flush), and now am trying to resolve this new idle issue - there’s got to be an answer out there.

Oh and also - not sure if any other Ram owners experience this because people look at me like I’m out of my mind until they ride with me… when raining or when the streets are wet - I have no control with the truck, gotta be careful making turns, stops, taking off because otherwise I am fish tailing and/or sliding through stoplights - of course, I’m use to the way it handles now so I am just careful when it is wet. I also had a 05 Daytona model regular cab and that thing was also uncontrollable when roads were wet. You can bet that when you stomp on the gas tires are gonna be spinning and you not going anywhere - oops did I say “stomp” I mean give it gas.

Thanks for your post on your idle issue!!