Stalling on 1998 Chrysler Sebring LXI


I just replaced the spark plugs on my 98 Sebring LXI, and to do so I had to take the intake manifold off (Its a V6 2.5L) to change the rear 3 plugs. I gapped them correctly. I disconnected all the connections to the manifold and throttle body and changed the plugs, and then reconnected everything correctly. But now… whenever I come to a stop sign or brake the car stalls out. It also stalls when going from drive to reverse. I’m 100% its not a fuel problem because I didnt touch any fuel lines. The throttle cable is right where it was before I disconnected it and no vacuum lines are pinched that I can see. The car idles fine and everything seems to be in order. It drives great until it stalls. I did a vacuum test on the EGR and intake and both read fine. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this car keeps stalling out? Greatly appreciated! Thank you! ~Justin Hayes


I thought I’d also add, the car restarts after stalling right away, but it must be put in park. I have had to pump the gas pedal when its happened once or twice, which led me to the cable idea, seeing how its not carbuerated. But that checks out. Thanks again!