Car stalling. Help?

I drive a 1992 Chrysler Imperial. It generally runs really good and I’ve only had a few minor problems with it. I try to keep up with maintenance for the most part and it only has100000 miles on it. I’ve had a problem with stalling lately - but mostly when I turn left. It only has such problems when I’m below a half tank of gas. Any suggestions/advice? I don’t have a ton of money and i don’t want to get screwed by mechanic fees

Also, I’ve replaced my fuel pump/filter in the past five months or so. Any advice orsuggestions would be appreciated.

is there any chance your gas tank has a lot of debris in it? or has had gas go bad in it?

if so it could have clogged your filter again.

did the problem begin after you had the work done or before?

since it happens on left turns i guess some electrical connector could lose contact as the weight shifts, but that would not explain the half a tank thing. unless the weight of the fuel helps the electrical connection maintain contact.

more info please…

I think @wesw is on the right track. If the new fuel pump was not quite installed correctly, the fuel pickup may not be on correctly. The pickup needs to be on the bottom of the tank. If it is higher the sloshing fuel at half tank could cause it to suck air and stall the engine. Connect the dots for us, did this start soon after the new pump was installed?

Leave the gas cap off when you get to half tank. That would eliminate the evap system.

My fuel pump and filter was replaced last November and I haven’t had any problems with it until mid July. If I keep a full tank it runs fine no problems.

Could it be something as simple as the gas cap? I was looking at it and it has tiny cracks on the seal… which could cause problems right? Sorry I can’t provide more information. I don’t know much of anything about cars.

I was thinking that it maybe some kind of vent failing. as your gas level drops, if air is not allowed into the system a vacuum will occur in the tank and make the fuel pump work harder, I think… I believe there is some kind of valve, maybe in the cap, that allows air in at a certain level of vacuum. but I m often wrong so check with your manual or online or with some of the experts here. I m just an amateur.

No, no. Thank you for all of your help.

Yep, there is a valve in the cap to allow air to enter. It might be clogged or broken. Gas caps are cheap at the auto stores. Take yours in and show it to the counter person. They should be able to hook you up. Might keep the check engine light off if the rubber seals fails, too. (Loose gas caps turn your check engine light on, too - easy fix)

I wonder if the fuel gauge sending unit is faulty.
It reads a half a tank, but it is almost empty, and everytime you turn sharply the gas flows to one side…starving the pump.
Next time you get near a half a tank, fill up and note the gallons it took to fill. Then compare with your owners manual for the capacity of the tank.

So if you put in 12 gallons when the gauge read half, and the total capacity is 14 gallons, the sending unit is faulty.


These old Chryslers have a plastic fuel reservoir crimped to the bottom of the fuel tank that the pump sits in. If the reservoir breaks loose the pump can be starved of fuel in sharp turns.

What kind of a left turn make the car stall? A swift left turn at 25 MPH or when inching along turning into a parking space?

Any left turn stalls the car.

I’m still leaning towards the sending unit or float being bad, and that when this strats to happen the tank is almost empty, yet the gauge reads a half a tank. Then you go fill up the tank so you don’t have to deal with the problem.


There’s also might be a fuel tank strainer before the pump - not sure how that explains anything, but just saying - sometimes this - being a “screen” - can be confused with “filter”.