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Stalling issue after getting gas

Each time Only after I put gas in my 06 Envoy XL it wants to stall/wont start. After the first time I start it, the car will start every time with no problems, just when ever I fill the car up it does this. Is this a simple fix for me to do myself or do you have to bring it in?

There are a couple of possibilities, but first try a bottle of HEET to absorb any water that may be in the bottom of the tank getting stirred up when you fill it.

Are you topping off the tank after it first clicks off? If so just stop overfilling. :slight_smile:

If it doesn’t stall when you don’t fill it up all the way, it may be a valve related to the evaporation system. It is likely stuck open. It is supposed to purge the unspent fuel back into the tank above the normal fill level but if this valve is stuck open, unregulated gas could make its way to the engine and that may flood it.
I’ve seen this in a Subaru except that particular model has a passive check valve, letting stuff only go one way. The thing was basically open all the time.

I havent tried to fill it up with some gas in it, it has been almost empty to 1/4 tank when I did. I will try that. I stop filling once the pump stops but never not filled it up all the way either. Thanks for the help!