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Stalling Ford Truck

Dear Click and Clack,

I have a 1996 Ford F150 manual, 6 cylinder, 2 wheel drive that I mainly drive in the summer (I’m a teacher). When I am going slow(35mph or lower) and start to slow down, like at a stoplight, the truck stalls out and I am left trying to steer and stop with limited ability. The electric system stays on so I can immediately restart but it is no longer safe and I don’t feel comfortable with my kids in the truck. I had a computer analysis done last year and it showed that the O2 sensor didn’t work so I replaced it but it did not help the problem. I am hesitant to spend anymore money guessing aobut the emissions system so I was wondering if you could help.


Sean, Columbus Ohio

What would happen if you put the truck in neutral and then tried to stop? Could you try that for us?

Does it always do it?  What happens when you stop when you are going 40 mph or faster?

Joe - In Hilliard Ohio.

It doesn’t always do it, but it happens frequently. It has happened once or twice when going faster, but almost always when I am going slow. I’m not sure about trying to stop in neutral, but I’ll try it. I’m getting it back this week. It is right near you at Arrow Radiator and Glass on Hayden Run getting some other work done.

Sean, Grove City

If it stays running with just a tiny bit of pressure on the accelerator pedal, it is probably your Idle Air Control (IAC) valve. That device, under the direction of the PCM, allows air into the intake to control idle speed. Cracking open the throttle plate just a little bit makes it irrelevant.