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Stalling 1997 Dodge Dakota

My 1997 Dodge Dakota has an intermittent stalling problem. It stalls going down the highway and restarts itself (automatic Trans)and stalls when going slow and dies completely.

Going down the highway if I don’t quickly let up on the gas when it dies, it backfires big time. When it dies going slowly, I smell gas and sometimes it takes several tries to get it started again.

It hasn’t left me stranded, but has made me cry because no one seems to know what’s wrong.

Dealer installed a new rear O2 sensor, based on a code, didn’t fix the problem.

The only other code is ignition-coil circuit P0351.

Sometimes it runs for days with no problem then some days it dies several times, but always starts up and goes again.

Dealer suggests the PCM (power control module) but some say when it goes it’s out completely.

Local serviceman suggests wiring problem, but it seems to me if it were a loose wire, ground, etc. it would die when you jar the auto on a bumpy road - doesn’t do that.

It’s got close to 200,000 well-kept miles and otherwise runs great.

Can anyone help, please??