95 Dodge Dakota stumbling

I have a 95 Dodge Dakota and it intermittently stumbles and nearly stalls on deceleration. All other times it runs fine but when somteimes when I’m slowing down at a stoplight it stumbles and sometimes nearly stalls - it sounds like it downshifts and then the engine returns to normal idle RPMs. I also sometimes can smell oil when this happens. It seems to idle fine and is in good working order otherwise. Anyone have any thoughts?

Here are a few maybes: Faulty ignition system, dirty fuel injectors, low fuel pressure or other fuel related faults (ie’, dirty fuel filter), or faulty emissions components.

Any CEL (codes?).

No check engine light so I guess no codes (the check engine light has come on a couple times within the last year but didn’t come back after I turned the engine off and let it cool). I had a new fuel pump put in a few years back and they replaced the fuel filter at the same time (I’m hoping the fuel filter is not the issue because the darn thing is in the fuel tank thus entailing dropping it out to change it). I’ll look at the other things first to see if I can pinpoint it - thanks!