Stalling 1995 camry

first,i want to say thanks,better late than never, for the info you all have provided in the past–

onward—'95 camry 4 cyl,has 143k mi and lately has been stalling after it warms up (15/20 mins)in stop/go traffic/red lights,etc—in no stop traffic runs well–

can keep it running by shifting to park and racing engine— once foot off gas it often idles fine and takes off ok–runs fine until next stop–

if it stalls it usually starts right up altho will need 2/3 tries sometimes—

have also noticed gas smell when i park and exit car–

A faualty IAC (Idle Air Gontrol) valve/dirty air intake or perhaps a bad fuel pressure regulator. Remove the vacuum hose and if fuel runs out, replace the regulator.