93 Toyota Camry Stalling



I have a 93 toyota camry, 4 dr, 4 cylinder engine and it stalls when idling in park, indling in drive/neutral, or when in drive and first accelerating from a stop. I have taken it to two different mechanics, one of which is a toyota dealership and neither can give me a definitive answer on what is wrong with it. I was told at the toyota dealership that it was probably the EGR valve (becoming stuck open or closed) that is causing it to stall, but before on piss away 500 dollars on something that MIGHT fix the problem, i wanted to see if anyone else might have any thoughts on the matter. I am a full time student with limited financial resources, thus any advice or comments would be much appreciated.


I have a similar problem with a '93 Camry Wagon, 4 cylinder, 217,000 miles.

When the engine is warmed up it stalls either when coming to a stop or when attempting to accelerate from a stop. If I use the gas pedal to keep the RPMs up it does not stall. Once stalled, it will not start again for 30 minutes to an hour – until the engine is cooled down. Recently, repairs were done in an attempt to fix this. It ran fine for one day after the repairs – no stalling or hesitation from a stop. Also, it would now start up immediately after being turned off – engine warm or cold. The next morning the same stalling symptoms were back. The repairs done: (1) distributor was replaced – very noisy bearings (2) fuel pressure regulator replaced (3) igniter replaced – no change on symptoms, so the old igniter was put back in.

A new or worsening symptom (and possibly unrelated): I am getting gas fumes in the passenger compartment for a minute or so after starting the car when the heater A/C fan is on (happens even for the 1st start of the day).


There are too many “could be’s”. Take it to an independent shop. No ones time is free, so be willing to pay for some diagnostic time. There are recognized diagnostic procedures to follow (as well as experience and insight) which can lead to a diagnosis.