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1995 Toyota Camry stalls at stop lights and stop signs and then will not start for over an hour

I have a 1995 Toyota Camry, 4 Cylinder that has just started stalling when I step on the gas after a complete stop. After that, the car will not start for over an hour and will last only a few miles after that. this has happened 3 times so far. I have changed out the fuel pump but that did not do the trick.

I also noticed that when it was cold this past winter and I was on the highway the temperature would decrease a lot. But regular city driving the temperature seemed fine. Well now that it’s warm again, the car shuts off at just above the halfway mark. So this morning I changed out the Thermostat and now it’s running hotter than ever, the heat does not work at all, and the car will not start. (it started up fine after the thermostat install but the engine temp was high and heat was not blowing warm) I’m hoping it’s not a bigger issue. But if anyone has any insight I’d appreciate it.

You probably have air trapped in the cooling system after replacing the thermostat. And that’s what’s causing the no-heat condition. The quickest way to remove the air from the cooling system is, get the engine up to operating temperature. With the engine idling loosen the upper radiator hose clamp. Take a small flat-bladded screwdriver and slip it between the upper radiator hose and the hose neck on the radiator. Allow the engine to idle until all the air is purged from the cooling system. Remove the screwdriver and tighten the hose clamp.

As far as the stalling and not starting? When I had my 95 Camry and this problem arose, it was a defective igniter/ignition module in the distributor.