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Stalled after highway driving

I have a 2000 Toyota Camry CE (2.2L/V4) w/ 130,000 miles on it. Just recently I have been experiencing a stalling issue after driving on the highway for 19 miles (or 20 minutes) at a speed greater than 65 mph. As soon as I exit and take my foot off the gas the car will stall as if I just turned the key in the off position. After I pull over, turn the key in the off position and wait a minute or two, the car start right up as if nothing happening. The idle seems to be ?normal?. The engine light does not come on when this happens. If I feel the car may stall when still on the highway after slowing down, I can shift the car into neutral and hold the idle speed high enough to continue driving. However the car will eventually stall. But again and I restart it and be on my merry way without incident.

I have try switching to high octane gas, but that did not help. If I disconnect the battery for a few hours the computer reboots itself and it will take a few more trips at high speeds for this issue to occur again. I have put in a fuel injector cleaner and cleaned the butterfly value (air intake).

I own an Auto Xray code scanner; however it is not showing any error codes. Any suggestions on what this issue may be?

If this engine has an EGR valve it may be carboned up enough to where the valve doesn’t close quick enough causing a lean stall on decel. If that’s the case it may just be a matter of cleaning EGR passage.