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Camry stalls only after freeway driving

I have a '95 Camry with only 45,000 miles on it. Lately, if I drive more than about 12 miles on the freeway, the engine dies the first time I try to stop after exiting. It then tries to stall at every stop sign or red light, unless I give it extra gas. It NEVER stalls when I drive around town. (A couple of times it stalled when I’d driven 12 or more miles on city streets, though.) The shop I’d been going to has replaced the IAC valve and the thermostat and drained and refilled the radiator. But it’s still doing it. So I’m staying off the freeway until I can get this fixed, but I’d appreciate ideas about what it might be. My research suggests it might be the EGR valve, but the shop told me they were pretty sure they’d checked that already (although they didn’t replace it).

Cleaning or replacing the EGR vavle is a good idea. Also check for vacuum leaks.

Thanks for the reply, Cougar. With 45,000 miles on the car (although it’s 13 years old), do you or others think that having the mechanic clean rather than replace the EGR valve would be a good way to go, to see if that cures the problem. I gather that EGR valves are a bit expensive (like $200 or more), and I’m not sure how much labor would be involved in cleaning vs. replacing. Is it fairly easy to check for vacuum leaks? Since my old shop didn’t fix the problem (in spite of many days in the shop and many hundreds of $ worth of repairs), I’m probably going to try somewhere new, but I’m not sure if I should go to a Toyota specialist (or even the dealer) rather than an independent shop that works on many cars. Advice??