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Stall-out with a 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager

So I more or less figured out the wipers. Now, a new problem has come in. Refresh: 1998 Ply G/Voy 3.3L V6 in the Seattle area.

Two months ago I had about $1500 work of repairs done to the vehicle - replacement of fuel pump, starter, water pump, spark plugs, and an overall tune-up of the engine. We didn’t get to the water seepage in the interior

…yes, water seepage. Seems that she is leaking water from the A/C. I’ve resolved this by locating the water drain for the A/C radiator inside, and watched as an incredible amount of water drained from it.

But here’s what’s going on at the moment, as I blow it out with hot air in preparation to suck out the accumulation of pine needles in the air intake: the car stalls. Specifically, later in the day, I will watch as my gas needle drops to completely empty, and at that moment, the fuel pump just stops. Then, everything starts coming back - and doing this intermittently. In a worst case, it just stops, and I have to wait about an hour for it to come back to life - or drive in the morning, when it’s working perfectly fine. (Yes, this seems to happen in afternoon or evening, strangely.)

I’m reasonably sure it’s not a bad fuel pump based on these symptoms. My mechanic suggested the body control module (located adjacent to the brake pedal), but my research says that 1) this isn’t really controlling that part, and 2) it seems otherwise OK, as nothing that is controlled by the BCM is malfunctioning.

In short… help?