Staled car

I bought a new battery in Nov. and after 2 weeks I had to have the battery jumped 'cause it wouldn’t start. Took the car to a Ford Dealership, who put it on their testing machine and said there is nothing wrong, anywhere. The car still failed to start for me in the mornings. Iit’s parked outdoors). Went back to Walmart’s, told them the problem, and they put in another new battery. The car worked good for a couple of weeks, but some days it won’t start. As a friend said, it turns over but doesn’t catch. Can you help?? I only have 68,676 mi., it’s a 2000.

i say you have a short some where.ill take it some where esle and have them to test it.

Just to clarify, go to an auto electric specialist and have them run down the possible discharge issue. Stress that the car will be OK for a period of time, and then the no start/low battery issue comes back up.

It seems you have done all you should to take care of a battery problem. Now it is time to check out the charging system. Actually you should have had the charging system checked first. If that is not it, then you start looking for a drain in the system somewhere. Do you have a security system? If so was it OEM or was it from the shop down the street?

If you don't want to do the work or if you don't turn up a problem follow jayhawkroy's advice.

In addition to the other relevant advice, I want to focus on one thing that the OP mentioned, namely, “it turns over but doesn’t catch”.

If the starter is turning the engine as it should, the problem could well be something completely unrelated to the battery. Along those lines, what can you tell us (in detail) regarding the maintenance of the engine–specifically when were the spark plugs, plug wires, air filter, fuel filter, and PCV valve last replaced?

Your battery and your starter may be fine, but if you are attempting to start a poorly-maintained engine, a new battery will not help.

[b] . . . but some days it won’t start. As a friend said, it turns over but doesn’t catch.[/b]

This is not the result of a bad battery or failed charging system as the Ford Dealer pointed out. The probleem is in fuel delivery or ignition systems or the control of one of those systems.

Is this a V-6 ? Some 98 - 00 V-6 Contours have starting problems if the w / wipers are in intermittent or low-speed position.

Has the car been checked for DTCs (Diagnostic Troule Codes) ?