Ford Mustang--(like ford ranger)

I’ve got a 1998 Mustang doing same thing as the 2001 Ranger post on here.

Wouldn’t start, replaced battery, Sears put it on machine to check battery system. Found no problems. After a week, wont start. Dome flickers, ignition clicks–quietly–and it did start with a jump. Oh yea, we replaced a fuse up by the battery. Any ideas, folks?

It sounds like the battery is dead… Get it charged and start the diagnosis over.

Again, the battery is brand new…Diehard. Maybe bought it 2 weeks ago.

New batteries can be bad. I would have the battery and charging system checked by a different shop. Many (most?) auto part stores will check them for free.

I would also suggest checking the battery cables. Check all ends of all cables attached to the battery or alternator.