Oil Spill on Concrete

A neighbor, widowed way to early, has oil leaked on her concrete driveway, some years old. What is the best way to remove?

I always start with a pressure washer. If the stain is still there after two or three attempts then I turn to my old standby…muriatic acid. It’s dangerous so keep all kids and pets away and read the application directions very carefully.

Pretty tough to do. I worked in the R & D dept for a sweeper company, and we had a machine that we tried on various concrete pads for gas stations, and even with a power steam head at 1,200 psi, the stains were still there. You’re probably out of luck on this one.

Outside of kitty liter and floor dry, one thing that works pretty good to absorb the oil, believe it or not, is plain old portland cement. Sprinkle it on and let it sit to absorb for a few days or so. Then sweep, scrape, reapply if necessay, and wash. On washing, nothing better than a good strong solution of Simple Green. Tri sodium phosphate used to work but hard to find now.

Get a couple of cans of brake parts cleaner and a small bag of Oil-Dri from a parts store.

Soak the oil stain with brake parts cleaner and then cover with the Oil-Dri and let sit for five minutes. Sweep the Oil-Dri off the stain and repeat as required.


Scrub with hot water and dishwasher detergent…let the detergent soak for an hour then pressure wash or just rinse with a garden hose…