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Driveway stain

I got rid of my old car. Now I need to get rid of the transmission fluid stain it left in the driveway. Suggestions?


Clay cat litter or oil dry , not the clumping cat litter stuff.

I would take waterboy’s advice, but before you toss down the cat litter (or whatever - I actually always have saw dust around which works nicely) I’d spray it down liberally with a not-too-toxic degreasing agent. Soak it, maybe give it a bit of a scrub if you really want it clean, and then toss the absorbent stuff on. Let it absorb and then sweep it up.

If the driveway is concrete, spray the stain liberaly with brake parts cleaner, let it soak for a minute or two, cover with kitty litter and let it sit for five minutes and sweep it up.

If the driveway is asphalt, scrub the stain with water and Dawn dish washing detergent. Let it sit for a minute or two, and cover kitty litter and let it sit for five minutes and sweep it up.


This situation came up in a garage I rented to store my '65 GMC for the winter, everything went fine except the transmission leaked as I had the truck up at an angle to work on the brakes. The funny or maybe not so funny thing was the landlord said I could keep the truck inside for the winter at no extra cost, just don’t get anything on his concrete floor. I ended up up about a 3 ft diameter circle, stained with ATF. I used everything, kitty litter, soap and water, brake clean and finaly concrete etching acid (really hydrochloric acid). Well I got the ATF up but the etching acid took that shine off the concrete, the landlord was not happy.

The cat litter /sawdust advice is useful only for soaking up of the puddle. Afterwards you still have the surface discoloration.

I use a spray can of engine degreaser, available at any auto parts store. Let it sit a few minutes, then plush with water. Repeat as necessary.

Oven cleaner

Do they still make Speedy-Dry? Whoever they are.

I forgot to say I do not advise using the concrete etching product,simply too agressive.It did get all the ATF up,and the shiny finish on the garage floor (in a 3 ft diameter circle).

 "Do they still make Speedy-Dry?" 

Cat litter works as well.