Oil stains on concrete

I have a taurus that just started leaking power steering fluid on the driveway. what can i use to lighten or remove them, i hate stains on the driveway, before this i had none… help please

First try some cheap kitty litter. Try grinding it into the pavement with your foot using all of your weight and then sweep it up. If that doesn’t work, you can rent or borrow a pressure washer.

Check your local hardware or home improvement store for concrete cleaning products.

The best material to clean it (after removing the oil using kitty litter or alike) is TSP. It is not available in many areas any more, it was polluting the water, but it still is available in some areas and there are TSP like materials available, many use “TSP” on the label. Don’t over use either product as it does do bad things to the water, and most of us do drink the stuff.

Good Luck

Wet the area. Scrub in powdered laundry detergent. Keep it wet and scrub it in. Rinse. For even MORE cleaning power, add some drain cleaner…