St. Louis responsible for Hyundai/Kia thefts

Our local news (central Florida) showed a clip from social media on how to steal these cars, the station redacted some of the details.
Appears very easy.

Yes. These vehicles aren’t being stolen moreso than other makes because there aren’t enough police or because jurisdictions are “soft on crime.” They’re being stolen because it’s easy to do.


If I had one of these cars, I would install some type of remote battery disconnect that could be disabled/enabled by a smart remote and device hidden under the hood. Maybe put it the low power side of the starter relay/solenoid so the car doesn’t start and a failure of this during driving wouldn’t result in the shutdown of the car.

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I know this is old, but the lawyer Lehto got stopped and it was quite interesting what he had to say about what to do in a traffic stop. Hands on wheel, dome light on, ask permission to reach for billfold etc. They let him go.

Never heard of the guy but I appreciated the video. He’s right, of course. Not just cops but anyone who deals with the public. I do, and attitude makes a huge difference.
A couple of small points:

  1. I grew up in a part of Illinois that was all small towns and the local speed limit often stretches a long way out of town.
  2. There are cops who are very conscious of their power, and any perceived challenge of that power is not taken well.

Yeah I got a ticket going through a small town at night. 45 in a 30. All dark, no one around except the guy hiding in the shadows. On my 50th birthday.