SRX RWD trans?

cant be real hard to r&r a trans from a 04 RWD V6 srx, is it? i did the same job on my kids 05 4wd trailblazer 3 yrs ago. and that was fairly straightforward. no subframe to screw around with. the srx is similar to a trailblazer in that the trans/motor is north/south and not transverse? no transfer case. no front driveshaft.

Pretty sure the SRX was more related to the CTS, so who knows? Clearances might be tight.

A longitudinally mounted engine, rear wheel drive, no xfer case, that seems the easiest configuration for transmission r & r. No experience w/that job myself however. I’d expect it might be more complicated in a larger Cadillac vs an econobox though.

TB is 74.7", Srx is 72.6". The v6 is 60 deg bank angle while the v8 is 90deg. So, a v6 model should have a bit more room in engine bay for exh manifolds. Usually the exhaust pipe routing is not a big deal on trans work. I have not dug into y-pipe setup yet. The TB had a darn mid-pipe that had to come off as there was less than 1" clearance between it and trans. But it came off fairly easy.

Do you own it now or are you thinking about buying it? Put it on ramps and take a look at the undercarriage configuration.