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2008 Cadillac SRX


I have a 2008 Cadillac SRX with a 3.6 V6. It starts fine and seems to shift into all gears, but it only moves for a minute or two and then doesn’t move at all. It is not showing any codes.

I don’t really have any additional information, but if there are any questions, id appreciate the help.



We’re going to need a much more complete explanation of the problem if we are to make any educated guesses.
After “a minute or two”, does the engine stall?
Or, does the engine continue to run, and to “rev-up” when you press the gas pedal, but the vehicle fails to move?
After this type of episode, do you have the vehicle towed, or does it later begin to move again, of its own accord?

Has the transmission fluid ever been serviced?


VDC Driver,

It does not stall. It starts just fine and moves for a minute or two and then it just stops moving. It revs when I push the accelerator.

It seems to act normally for about a minute and then just sits no matter which gear it is put into and will rev up when I push the accelerator.


I looked for a dipstick, but couldn’t find one. I am assuming there isn’t one. This is my mom’s car, so I am going to check it out tomorrow.

Thanks all!


Sounds like fluid is dangerously low.


I initially thought the same thing, but everything I have looked up says that it is a closed system and it shouldn’t need transmission fluid servicing. I am going to look into it in the morning though.

Thank you!


Well Chris, they may label the unit as sealed and not needing servicing, but that makes just about any real mechanic cringe inside. OK, lets pretend that it does not need traditional servicing like other transmissions. It still must have the correct fluid level at the very least, no automatic transmission can function without fluid no matter how healthy or new it may be. There will be provisions for checking the level of the non serviceable transmission and it almost surely will involve tools and a jack and jack stands to perform this check yourself. Sometimes you get lucky and there is a drain bolt, sometimes not…but there will be some provision to fill the unit, and this will likely be how you check to see if it is full as well. I’m sure there is information on this vehicles transmission on the Net

At the very least you must have the fluid level looked into and determined to be properly topped up. The color and smell of this fluid provides clues as well so if you are doing this, keep that in mind. Once you are sure about the level, you can then test and see what you get.


Just because it’s non servicable, doesn’t mean it isn’t low.

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There is no transmission fluid dip stick. To check the transmission fluid, you have to raise the vehicle to gain access to the plug on the transmission.

That’s told to Cadillac buyers because Cadillac believes those who can afford a Cadillac, don’t ever check the transmission fluid.


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IMO, it’s to force the owner to take it in for service.

Why would a Cadillac owner bring their Cadillac to the dealer for transmission service if the dealer tells them it never needs it?


Good point. Because the owner doesn’t believe it?