SRS module reset

I was involved in an accident in which my airbags were deployed. I have purchased new airbags and had them installed but the SRS module needs to be reset. The dealership tells me I need to a buy a whole new module for $800 but I’ve found a couple of websites that offer to reset your module for a cost of $60-150 (you mail in the module or they give you a code and you reset it yourself). Is this a safe option?

Do you really want to be sure that you have a working SRS, or do you want to second guess the manufacturer that designed the module as a one time use?

I could take a module and modify it so that it turns the light on at start-up and no other time, but would never deploy the airbags. It would seem to work perfectly until you had another crash. How can you be sure that these people on the websites aren’t doing something like that?

(It could be that they are doing everything correctly and it’s all you need to do, but how will you know without crash testing?)

The module has to be replaced. The repair procedures call for the replacement of the module any time an air bag has deployed.

I’ve read that if you attempt to reprogram the module and the procedure is not done properly it will lock up the new module and render it useless, then another new module will need to be purchased.

With the newer systems, the control module can be “reset” with the proper scan tool…In older models, the module blows an internal, surface mounted fuse when a fault is detected, which prevents the firing capacitor from charging and thus disables the system. If a clever and skilled electronics technician can identify the fuse and replace it, you are back in business. Many times you can obtain a used, undamaged module from a salvage yard for a reasonable price…