Squirrels under the hood

We have had repetitions of squirrels building nests under the hood of one of our cars that is outside. Evem the car in the garage has had some nest building. What can be done to prevent this? We do not live in a wooded area…just a suburban area with some trees in the parkways and the back yard. This is getting really expensive to fix.

There have been mixed results for the ultrasonic critter repellents, cats and dog’s have had mixed reviews also. The best solution in my read is to park the car in the garage and make sure the critters can get in!

You need a pest control expert. There are probably smells that can be sprayed around that squirrels don’t like, such as the scent of dog. I had mice and I set up some sticky traps where they were nesting (in the trunk area) and caught a couple. Kind of grizzly but end of problem. Squirrels are tougher.

My father in-law trapped and relocated a number of squirrels that were nesting in his attic. It was a lot of work, but he solved his problem.

These offending squirrels consider your cars “home”. Not kidding when I recommend a pest control company. The costs is less than what you are paying for the damage the squirrels do to the cars.