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'91 camry parked under oak, squirrels chew sparkplug wires

are there metal clad wires to deter rodents from chewing my spark plug cables? I have no garage.

You’ve got to trap or eliminate the squirrels. Sounds mean, but believe me, you gotta do it. They are rats with furry tails and willl cause lots of damage. Rocketman

How about using a bottle of your favorite Tabasco or hot sauce to coat the wires on a regular basis until the "rats’ take the hint?

If you’re desperate, you could try spraying the wires with a deer repellent called Tree Guard. The main ingredient is apparently the most bitter-tasting chemical known to man. It’s latex-based, so chances are it’s not harmful for the wires or any nearby paint.

I have made this comment before, predator urine. If you or a friend has a dog, preferably male and not neutered, let it mark the wheels of the car. A cat would probably work too. I haven?t used it before but I would guess that fox urine, bought in the hunting section of you local sporting goods store, would also work.