Squeeky rearend2001 f-150 4x4 lariat

my 01 f-150 supercrew 4x4 makes an anoying squeeking sound when im in reverse the brakes are at about 45% roters dont appear to be warped can also it has 295,555 original miles on it. can you help?

Do you mean you hear a noise from the back end when the car is moving backwards? Does it happen as you push on the brakes or does it happen when you have the brakes already pushed and the car is stopped or is slowing?

How do you know it is the brakes making the noise?

the noise comes from the rearend without applying the brakes .sound is at all speeds in reverse ,sound just gets faster . could the rear u joint be starting to go bad?

yup. Sounds like a u-joint. Pull the shaft and check both though. If you have a center bearing check all four.

the u-joint feels tight could it be seezing or worn out internally , they dont feel sloppy ,also theyre sealed u-joints they could still just be worn out let me know Iwould appreciate it thanks